A Fashionable Micro 2.0 USB Cable 

About time to see a USB Cable that not only works but also has style!This Micro 2.0 USB Cable has a 40 inch flat black tangle free cable with Zinc Alloy USB Connectors.  
Compatible with many android devices! Works Great too!



All Natural Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Don’t let those blood sucking thief’s take what isn’t theirs!!!   Keep yourself protected with these Colorful Mosquito Repellent Bracelets!  You’re not an animal so get rid of the spray.

The All Natural Bug Defense Mosquito Repellent Bracelets are 100% all natural Citronella Oil and they are Deet Free; no harmful chemicals and safe for the entire family!

10pk All Natural Bug Defense Mosquito Repellent Bracelets – Keep Pests Away for Up to 250 Hours – Deet Free Natural Essential Oils – No Spray, No Mess, Bold Colors, One Size for Adults and Kids ~ by  Natural Bug Defense


Does Your Fur-Baby Have Stinky Breathe?

They say dogs have the cleanest mouth…I am not going say I disagree; however, I do know my dog Bruno can’t possibly have a clean mouth all the time. 

Bruno my Shorkie recycles; what goes in, comes out and goes back in…Yes Bruno is a Poop Eater. I know gross right.  

I purchased a bottle of The Mindful Pet Water Additive Dental Care in June 2016 and getting close to needing more!  I love this stuff; lasts a long time too!  Check it at the following link:


Bruno’s 1st Halloween Collar

Had fun dressing up Bruno with this PUPTEK Halloween Collar!! 
I’m not sure that he had fun though.  LOL.  He was a good sport about it.  🙂
Bruno is a Shorkie Breed and weighs about 25 pounds. 
I ordered a size large and it fits him good; I didn’t want it tight on him. 

Enjoy his modeling photos.  🙂


PUPTECK Halloween Dog Costumes Elastic Pet Collars Necklace for Puppy Cat with Bells Charms  

The Perfect Man Gift ~ He’ll Love It!!

Multi-Tool Steel Card & Key Knife Set
Nifty!!  Remarkable Quality Craftsmanship!!

Stainless Steel Multi-Tool with 10 functions the size of a credit card
 • Multi-Tool has a nice thin cover ~ Love this as it provides protection to your   wallet
 • Card with diagram and list of functions ~ Fits perfectly in the cover with Multi-Tool
 • Highly recommend putting sharp side in cover first ~ save yourself from a boo-boo

Knife Hidden In a Key
  • Exactly!!  Very Clever!!
  • The knife is sharp; so again be careful.
  • Just slip it on with the rest of your keys ~ Comes in handy too!

Husband Loves It, I Love It ~ Great Set To Have!

Key Shaped Folding Pocket Knife With a Gift Stainless Steel Card Size Survival Kit Multi Tool with 2 Year Warranty Card (CsyncDirectTM)  – By CsyncDirect


Loving My On The Go Essential Oil Kit!!!

This is one of the greatest ideas for Essential Oil I have seen! This kit has just about everything needed to make your own Essential Oil Blends! It’s a miniature kit that includes everything but the Essential Oils. I just love this kit!! I love that it’s small and perfect to take with me everywhere!

The kit comes with:
♥ a nice padded case that has eight elastic straps inside that will keep your bottles secure. The case also is equipped with a keychain and a clip that you can use to clip on your bag, your belt loop, etc.
♥ eight glass 2ml bottles/vials – dark amber
♥ eight pipettes – what is a pipette; it’s a tool that is used to transport measured fluids (in this case Essential Oils to the bottles/vials)
♥ eight orifice reducers and lids
♥ 10 blank lid stickers – use to note the oil blend or Essential Oil in the bottle/vial
♥ Carrier Oil – Coconut Oil 15ml bottle
♥ Essential Oil Reference Card – I LOVE THIS
♥ Also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Usage information and cautions. Continue reading

Sharp Shears!!!

Impressive Kitchen Shears that won’t disappoint!
Multifunctional, sharp, easy to use and are comfortable in hand.

Oh and they come apart for easy cleaning ~ Love This
(I thought I broke them at first…nope, just open them wide and the come apart easily and go back together the same)

Great Solid, Durable Kitchen Shears!!

MAIRICO Deluxe Heavy Duty Take-Apart Kitchen Shears and General Purpose Kitchen Scissors – 420J2 Stainless Steel for Extra Durability, Sharpness and Rust Resistance