Nude Lip Contour Kit

A Beautiful Lip Contouring Kit ~

I’ve never used Lip Liners; so this was a first for me.  It did take some time to learn how to use the kit; even with the instructions my lips looked like a four year old colored them.     

With practice I finally accomplished the art of Lip Contouring!! 

 Aesthetica Nude Lip Contour Kit Includes:• Five Matte Nude Lip Colors: Undressed, Incognito, Expose, Stripped and Naked
• Lip Highlighter: Pop Princess
• Two Lip Contouring Pencils (Two Colors on each pencil): Bella, Goddess, Infamous and Dashing
• One Pro Series Lip Brush
• Instructions


Aesthetica Nude Lip Contour Kit – Contouring and Highlighting Matte Lipstick Palette Set – Includes Six Lip Crèmes, Four Lip Liners, Lip Brush and Step-by-Step Instructions – Vegan & Cruelty Free

Laser Christmas Lights

Cheerfully I told my husband, “Our Home Will Have Christmas Lights This Year!” 
Of course I knew he wouldn’t be filled with cheer but only fear.  I thought about letting him ponder on this for a while…instead I said “Dear, don’t fear I’ve got this this year.”

Of course he knew something was up since I’m not one for heights.  But it was fun for the time that it lasted.

I have always wanted Christmas Lights on the outside of our home; couldn’t ever talk the hubby in to it.  Can’t say I blame him though. 

If you are wanting Christmas Lights but don’t want to hassle with hanging them and then having to take them down you should check out the “Droiee Laser Christmas Light”. 

The Droiee Laser Light ~ Laser Star Projector is built solid!  It come with a stake which you can attach to the Projector and insert into the ground.  It also comes with a remote control; power the lights on or off, set the lights on a timer for up to 8 hours, set to flashing red and green lights or set to only red or green and to flash if you want.


Droiee Laser Christmas Light with RF Remote Control, Laser Star Projector show for Halloween, Christmas, Holiday, Party, Landscape and Garden Decoration

The Perfect Cosmetic Container

Do you have a favorite lotion or cream you wish you could take with you but don’t want to haul around a large bottle?  Guess what…you can take your favorite lotion, creams, etc. with you thanks to these amazing Cosmetic Containers by Nylea!!

I was so excited when I came across these Cosmetic Containers ~ remarkable quality and they’re affordable!  One of the first things I noticed when I received my package of 60 Empty Sample Cosmetic Containers was how neat they were packaged.  Each container is individually wrapped and all neatly placed in the box.
The lids fit perfect on the containers ~ these Cosmetic Containers really are Premium Quality!!

I have been pondering with the idea of making my own Lip Balms and Creams; of course before I could do this I needed the right size containers.  Well now I have them and I can’t wait to get started.  (I’ll have to update you all one how my Lip Balm and Creams turn out.) 🙂 Continue reading

White Owl Doormat

Whooo Loves This Owl Doormat??  ME!!!
My “White Owl Doormat” arrived today; and I couldn’t be happier!! 
      ♥ Delivered in perfect condition and arrived in a timely manner
      ♥ Adorable
      ♥ Great Quality
      ♥ Well Constructed

I love my “White Owl Doormat”!!

Also, I want to mention this is my first product I have ordered from Wayfair; I am greatly pleased with my online shopping experience!! 

White Owl Doormat ~ by KEMPF

Exfoliate To Reveal Your True Skin

Ditch the rag and exfoliate with the Moonmini Scrubbing Exfoliating Gloves!  Now I personally don’t use a rag to wash my body and if I do it’s normally because I’m away from home.…

Source: Exfoliate To Reveal Your True Skin

Pet Grooming Glove Brush

The Pet Grooming Glove Brush is Wonderful!   Our Fur-Baby Bruno (Shorkie) The Pet Grooming Glove Brush worked great on his hair and he loves it!   Our Fur-Baby Champ (Long Haired German Shepard) Th…

Source: Pet Grooming Glove Brush

Pet Grooming Glove Brush

The Pet Grooming Glove Brush is Wonderful!  

Our Fur-Baby Bruno (Shorkie)bruno

The Pet Grooming Glove Brush worked great on his hair and he loves it!  

Our Fur-Baby Champ (Long Haired German Shepard) champ

The Big Challenge…

I’ll admit I wasn’t sure how well the Pet Grooming Glove Brush was going to work on Champ; he’s so hairy…I have to say that I was impressed; it easily removed a lot of the dull, dead hair laying on top. 
We do still need to use a comb on Champ around his neck and bottom; he’s just one furry mess.    Continue reading