Doree Doorstop

A Versatile Doorstop

The Doree Doorstop is great! This doorstop is angled for use with different types of flooring. Its washable and easy to store when not using, just hang it on your door handle! I tested the doorstop on three of my doors of which all rooms have different flooring, in addition the gaps for each door to the floor were different as well. The Doree Doorstop worked perfectly for all three!



20181224_1055525145396200887798649.jpgDoree Doorstop


Mugs – Darbie Angell Potter’s Wheel Collection


20181224_105309.jpgA Beautiful Collection

Love this collection! The Darbie Angell Potter’s Wheel collection I received packaged with care a set of four, 12 oz., midnight color, ceramic mugs. They are simple, yet beautiful. Perfect for your coffee, tea, hot cocoa or any beverage you desire! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]



Darbie Angell Potter’s Wheel Mug Set of 4


Miss. Jazzy’s Review on Cat Food

via Miss. Jazzy’s Review on Cat Food

Miss. Jazzy’s Review on Cat Food

miss-_jazzyMiss. Jazzy is my cat, she has been with me now for over seven years.  She’s the type of cat that just prefers to be left alone, doesn’t like people, and she tends to pout when her food has been switched.

Being her momma I want her to be happy but I also want to make sure she is eating food that is good for her health.  So…needless to say how thrilled I was when I received an invite from MyMagazineSharing Network for a New Mission, “Forever Your Fur Baby”.



The Forever Your Fur Baby Mission was a real treat for Jazzy; in the box was a sample of Blue Buffalo Dry Adult Cat Food and a two pack of Meow Mix Simple Servings. In addition, there were coupons to use to pass along to others!

At first, I wasn’t sure how Jazzy was going to respond to trying a new cat food, so I didn’t exactly tell her. Instead, while she was sniffing around in the box we received I poured some of the Blue Buffalo Adult Cat Food into her bowl.


 The end result:

Jazzy to enjoy the Blue Buffalo Cat Food very much!

Pampering my fur babies thanks to all the finds at my #KrogerCo store! 
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The Fresh Side of Private Selection

So on my third trip to the Produce Department at my local Gerbes I picked up the Private Selection Campari Tomatoes.

I have to say I was impressed with the selection available as they all were ripe with a beautiful deep red color.

Now, I didn’t create a fabulous meal using the tomatoes, but did of course try them when I got home.

The result: Delicious, flavorful, and juicy.

If you havent already tried the Private Selection Campari Tomatoes, then you must

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Taotronics Sound Bar

Check out this sweet Sound Bar from TaoTronics!